Project Second Chance MI

Giving troubled youths and abandoned dogs a second chance

Project Second Chance Monroe is providing a win-win-win, for the dogs, the youth and the community.

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Fostering a Dog is a Rewarding Calling

Dogs that have been given a second chance through our program sometimes need to spend time with a foster person/family until an adoption is ready. The best outcome is for the dog to go directly to a forever home, but sometimes the adoption falls apart for one reason or another. We really do not like to see one of our graduates have to go back to a shelter which can discourage the youth who grew and learned with the dog expecting it to go to a good family.  The dog also may possibly lose the progress made in training and socialization. 

That's where our wonderful fosters step in.  We are looking to add a few foster families to help us keep our program strong.  If you are at all interested, please fill out our Foster Application!  We would like to put you on our list by April this year. 

Christmas Gift

Our board was a part of a special gift of helping a homeless lady reunite with her dog and move into an apartment with donated furniture and food and supplies. Just part of a great community willing to help those less fortunate. We all feel blessed!  Happy New Year!

Holiday Hounds at Ida

We had a successful day at the Holiday Hounds Parade as part of Christmas in Ida Festival last weekend. We helped set up the parade check in, handed out information, and took pictures of dogs and owners in our Kissing Booth.  It was fun to see close to 100 dogs and the great people that care for them. Thanks to all who attended and supported us!

Final 2015 Graduation Success

Approximately 50 people attended our last graduation ceremony of the season. Thanks to the community efforts that make this program successful: Project Second Chance board, the Monroe County Youth Center, Judge Lohmeyer, Pets for Vets, The Devoted Barn, Monroe County Animal Control Shelter, other rescues, staff and volunteers, and many, many community supporters!  

What follows is an excerpt from a letter from one of the youth to Mac's future owner (hopefully someone reading this will step up and adopt Mac). Mac is a boxer/bull dog mix that was in this last session. He was found by State Trooper MacDonald during a drug raid. Scared and emaciated, Mac was taken to The Devoted Barn. They took great care of him there and he made it to Project Second Chance. 

"...I'd finally realized. Hey me and these dogs have much in common. They've been unloved and mistreated in some way shape and form as I have as a human being. My main man or should I say dog Mac showed me that I can enjoy and love just about everything and everyone without being selfish and self centered. Mac unlocked my innermost emotions by showing me affection and different sides I never knew I had. If it wasn't for the dog program and these dogs I'd be a lost puppy, just as they were. But you know something everybody and everyone shares some kind of common interest and I'm here today to tell you all that if I were a 2 year old dog me and Mac would be brothers. But I'm glad to have a bond so strong that he will forever be in my heart with love as my friend, puppy, and companion."

Final Session is Underway

Gemma, a black setter, who was left to die after being shot by her previous owner, and Mac, a boxer/bulldog mix, who was rescued by a state trooper, are being trained by some boys at the Monroe County Youth Center during our final session of the 2015 year. All are doing well!

The youth are learning empathy and good life skills in the program. The dogs are becoming more adoptable - please check out their stories at The Devoted Barn and help find their forever homes.

July 2 Graduation Success

Boys at the Monroe County Youth Center did an excellent job and learned valuable lessons at our most recent session with Project Second Chance. Thanks to all of our supporters and those who work with these youth!

The dog, Brooklyn, has happily been adopted. The terrier, collie mix named Bella is with her foster family and is hopefully adopted soon!  Please spread the word to find her a forever home. She's been through a lot of bad times and deserves a second chance.

Adoptables - One of Them May Steal Your Heart!

Bella is black with white socks - she's adorable!  Check out the mixed collie/terrier on our facebook page.  She was found tied to an abandoned house, thin and scared. Needs someone to love her.

If you are looking for a dog, don't shop - adopt!

If you are interested in giving one of our dogs a forever home, please complete our online application or message us on facebook.

First 2015 Session Graduation

Under sunny skies and a slight wind, three ladies with two dogs graduated May 21, 2015, from the Project Second Chance Monroe program. Over 15 people attended the ceremony and cheered for the successes of the youth, including Laurie from Pets for Vets. She accepted "Emily" the terrier mix and was taking the little dog to a U.S. veteran with PTSD. She expressed to the youth how important what they did was to the veteran and how thankful he was to them. Sasha from the Lenawee Humane Society was on hand to see the great result for Emily who had been rescued from their animal shelter. The second dog, Lancelot, is being adopted by a local family. Dr. Jeff McIntyre also spoke about what the youth learned and Michelle, one of the trainer volunteers gave accolades to the girls for their hard work. Marji was the host for the event at the Monroe County Youth Center. Congratulations, ladies!

Adoptable Dog Being Trained

A 2 year old, athletic dog rescued through the Monroe County Animal Shelter is available for adoption at the end of his training with Project Second Chance Monroe in May 2015.  Please submit an Adoption Form if you are interested in Lancelot - a dog with a soulful face! 

Lance is a great dog who deserves a forever home - you'll be making a difference in the lives of the kids who are training him, too!  Win-win-win!

Good news update:  Lancelot is going to a nice family in Monroe County. 

Pets for Vets

Saying Thank You

Pets for Vets is a concrete way to thank U.S. Military Veterans for their service.

  • Featured on NPR, CBS2 and CNN, PBS and the Pentagon Channel
  • Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law
  • Serving veterans in our chapter areas
  • With each veteran-pet match we provide the necessary equipment for them to start their new life together

Veterans in our chapter areas who could benefit from having a companion animal and who are also able to care for an animal are eligible to receive a Pets for Vets companion animal.

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The Toledo Blade profiles Project Second Chance, Monroe

All work and no play makes it boring for both man and beast, so Dustyn and Meatball have some fun. THE BLADE/LORI KING

All work and no play makes it boring for both man and beast, so Dustyn and Meatball have some fun.

The 3-year-old pit bull and boxer mix was testing Eugene's patience.

The teenage boy remained calm with Meatball, showering the pet with attention and words of encouragement as he kept him away from another dog inside the training yard.

Eugene and Meatball were paired for Project Second Chance, a three-week program that puts dogs from the Monroe County Humane Society in the care of troubled kids.

For three weeks, Eugene, an offender in the Monroe County Youth Center, shared duties with another boy in the daily care of Meatball, one of two Humane Society dogs recently used in the program.

They got up before 6 a.m. each day to begin the regimen of watering and feeding Meatball and following up throughout the day to groom, exercise, and clean up after him.

"The kids are totally responsible for their dogs from the time the dogs come until the day the dogs leave," said Marji McIntyre, director of the local Project Second Chance.

Under the supervision and direction of a professional trainer, the youngsters also train and handle the abandoned animals to get them ready for adoption.

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