Project Second Chance MI

Giving troubled youths and abandoned dogs a second chance

Project Second Chance Monroe is providing a win-win-win, for the dogs, the youth and the community.

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Mission Statement

The purpose of Project Second Chance, Monroe is to help troubled youth become more compassionate and responsible and to develop a better understanding of respect for self and others. Project Second Chance, Monroe will also train and groom abandoned dogs and ready them for placement in forever homes.

General Statement and Objective of Program

Project Second Chance (PSC) pairs residents at the Youth Center with abandoned dogs from either the Monroe County Animal Shelter or rescues. This partnership provides a unique opportunity for troubled residents to work with professional dog trainers to learn the proper handling and training commands necessary to help the dogs become more socialized and "adoption ready." Residents also participate in weekly group therapy sessions designed to help them learn to take more responsibility for their behavior and recognize the importance of empathy, patience, and emotional regulation. Residents learn why these skills are necessary in life and learn to recognize why these skills are important for the successful training of the dogs.

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